Weird Shift Radio

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Weird Shift Radio is an audio trip inside the Weird Shift Archives. Strange sounds, interviews, read material, guest lectures, music, and other things you did not expect to hear when you turned on your wireless set. If Weird Shift was electromagnetic energy, it would be in the W-band. Your mind is a directional antenna of just the right length. Ground yourself.

Weird Shift Radio #1 - The Prototype
In this episode:
Webdriver Torso, Charles Fort on Aeroplanes and Automobiles, Eerie Radio Transmissions from Saturn, Klint Finley's Sound Machine, Transmission #0 from the Cosmic Anthropology Broadcast System, and High Pitched Polytone IRDial from the Conet Project Numbers Stations recordings.

Weird Shift Radio #2 - Infrasound
In this episode:
Infrasound Collection, Acoustic Levitation of Stones, Jewelry Rash live performance, Son of Sasquatch, and another excerpt from the Conet Project numbers stations recordings.

Weird Shift Radio #3 - Water
In this episode:
"Turn off the Water" by NAUSIA88, The Dreams of Dion McGregor, Sounds of Burning Man, Mort Garson's Plantasia, The Conspiracy Wall, and a Conet Project numbers station.

Weird Shift Radio #4 - Pulsars
In this episode:
Sound of Rosetta's Comet, Descriptive Notes, K5DZE Radio Astronomy Collection, Sheepish by NAUSIA 88, Phantom Terrains by Frank Swain and Daniel Jones, Picnolepsy by Ryan, and Radio Sounds Recordings, "Cat Scratches".

Weird Shift Radio #5 - The Cold Death of Papa November
In this episode:
Apollo 8 Genesis Message x Sonic Youth's "Platoon II", Radio Sounds Recordings "Digital Oscillations on Governmental 70 centimeter band", The Cold Death of Papa November by Sunny Moraine, K5DZE Satellite Recording Collection "NOAA 19 Transmitting Weather Images in SSTV format", Dion McGregor's "Concentric Circles" dream, and a Conet Project numbers station.

Weird Shift Radio #6 - Ionosphere
In this episode:
First Humans on the Moon, "We Might Orient You," List of Unexplained Sounds, Recordings from Inside the Hoover Dam, Project Iceworm x Coil's "Red Birds Will Fly Out of the East and Destroy Paris in a Night," Cook Records' "Ionosphere" Side One, First Humans on the Moon "General Atomics Commercial," 52-hertz whale, and CNN at the End of the World.

Weird Shift Radio #7 - Civil Defense
In this episode:
Radio Sounds Recordings "PDX Dispatch" x Esmerine's "Historics Repeating as One Thousand Hearts Mend," If the Bomb Falls, History Lesson, List of All US Missile Designations x Earth's "A Plague of Angels," The Sound of Aerogel.

Weird Shift Radio #8 - And His Orchestra
In this episode:
Alarm Tones, Cut Up #1, Fugue 10 in E Minor, Weather Report, Reading by Jeana Jorgensen: Rogue Folklorist, Street Recording November 2, 2015 by Warren Ellis, Reading by Jesse Wolfe, Dromde mik en drom i nat.

Weird Shift Radio #9 - Jovian Chorus
In this episode:
Seconds of Silence, Readings by Cat Vincent, Rift on Orbiting Solar Observatory 5, 'Sexy Sally' B-58 Cockpit Warning Voice Recordings, Challenger Carrier Wave ID for Slow-Scan TV Transmission, STS-45 N5WQC Talking to School in Halden, Norway, "Sexy Sally" Enters a Temporal Distortion, 'High Virgo' Lost, Deb Chachra reading three monologues from mathematician-author John Mighton's play Scientific Americans, Hurrian Hymn No. 6 by Michael Levy, Call of the Jovian Chorus.

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