what is time anyway, but a way of determining whether or not your experience was shared with another?

April - soft opening

May - material from the Weird Shift Collection
The History of Little Canada
The Collaborative Consipracy Wall
Analog Apps
Natural Dyeing in the Local Vincinity
Inverted Monterrey Bay

June - Glitchcraft through the Ages
June 2: 7:30pm - V0IDS a presentation / databending workshop by Evan Meaney
June 20: 7:30pm - opening party for Eleanor Ray, Meg Winkelman, and Shannon Novak
June 28: Micro-talks, hosted by Weird Shift
All Month: work by Eleanor Ray, Meg Winkelman, and Shannon Novak

July - Alter-Realities
July 19: 1-4pm - Design-Fiction Workshop, hosted by Weird Shift
July 20: 7:30pm - Weird Social, opening party for current artists
July 23: 7:30pm - HTML: experimental writing group. All are invited!
July 26: 7:30pm - Microtalks II. Come give a ten-minute talk on anything interesting, or just listen.
July 27 - July 30: a week of performances organized by Amy Conway and Erica Thomas

All Month: work by Isabelle Desjeux, Klint Finley, Erika Ross, and CH2

August - Performativity
August 6: Charles Fort's "One Hundred and Forteanith" Birthday Party
August 9: 7:30pm - Performance by Justin Lincoln and Devon Wootten
All Month: work by Dakota Gearhart and Klaus Pinter

September - Rebirth
September 27: Michael Reinsch: Happy!
September 28: Invasive Ikebana Workshop
All Month: work by Jane Long and Peter Clough

October - The Shape of Plants to Come
October 2: Weird Social, opening for Amanda Hendricks, DB Amorin
October 8: HTML experimental writers group. Anyone may join!
October 11: Invasive Ikebana Workshop
October 12: The Phreak Show, 1pm
October 25: Ecomorti and Sue-C: live cinema excursions and synthesis
October 26: Microtalks IV
October 30: Adventures in the Avant-Gourd: Weird Pumpkin Carving Contest!
All Month: work by Amanda Hendricks and DB Amorin

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