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May 22, 2014



201 N. Alberta St, Portland, OR, 97217

Located in North Portland, Weird Shift is an alternative atelier, an off-center for paralogical inquiries, artifacts, and ideas. A place where the aggregation of cultural arcana, speculative theories and the pursuit of sideline knowledge areas is encouraged. The Weird Shift Storefront offers visitors a Research Commons, library, coffee and computer workstations where the accumulating archives of the Weird Shift enterprise can be perused and performed upon. Along with these permanent fixtures, there will be a variety of events, workshops, exhibitions and lectures taking place throughout the summer months.

In June, Weird Shift invites visitors to wander and wonder at "Glitchcraft Through the Ages," a series of lectures, workshops and exhibits. Beginning with "V0IDS," on June 2nd, glitch scholar Evan Meaney shares research on glitch art, mathematical paradoxes and being nothing. Meaney will conclude his presentation with a data-bending workshop, a hands-on demonstration of glitch art technique, to which interested participants should bring along a mac laptop. Along with works from Eleanor Ray and Megan Winkleman, the curious graphical formations of Shannon Novak's "String Section" will populate the Weird Shift Storefront throughout June. Activated with everyday mobile devices, Novak's augmented interventions open up an array of potential musical gestures, ad-hoc arrangements to be sculpted through exploratory movements, in space and across screens. Aspiring oneironauts might like to immerse themselves in the hypnagogic experiences of Brianna Miller's "Magical Chromachines," also on display, while counter-gaming gurus will relish the shadow economy of expression unearthed in the electronic depths of an otherwise familiar Pac-Man tabletop console. With an air of Pecha-Kucha and a whiff of Ignite, Weird Shift hosts "Microtalks," its own series of algorithmically assisted rants and image-laden screeds, on June 28th. Visitors can expect an eclectic array from local and tele-present artists, writers, concept engineers, cranks and scientists.

July will include elaborate installation work from Flynn Casey,Amy Conway and Erica Thomas, a design fiction workshop and a radical re-interpretation of public space via Channel Two's geo-locative "PolyCopRiotNode" project. At the end of the month, Weird Shift welcomes East Coast colleagues The Hollow Earth Society. Aimed at diffracting the possibilities of the present and making the future always strange and new, the group debuts their "Luditron 8000" machine within a participatory performance entitled "THE INTERBLOOD: Welcome to the Hemodrome." In this rare West Coast appearance, The Hollow Earth Society presents a brief history and forcible exploration of interactive gaming, delving into the theatrical, aleatory and philosophical implications of game-like-objects (GLOBS), murder mysteries, tabletop roleplaying games, LARPS, BDSM communities and all the ways in which the life around us increasingly "gamified."

On August 6th, Weird Shift celebrates the birthday of the independent, early 20th century researcher, the anarchivist of the weird, Charles Fort. Eccentric champion of the anomalous report, Fort collected facts that had allegedly been excluded, rejected or ignored by established science because they were unexplainable. Weird Shift offers One Hundred and Forteanith, a procession of the damned, an aggregate of appearances and libations, with voices of defiance and praise. Additional exhibits and performances, including those of Michael Reinsch, Dakota Gearhart, Sue-C and other contributors will be unveiled as summer draws to a close.

The Weird Shift Storefront is located at 201 N. Alberta @ corner of N.Vancouver. Accessible by the 44 bus and online at: Most evening events will start at 7:30 pm, with a suggested donation of $5. Open hours are currently Saturday and Sunday 1-4pm, check for regular updates and related information.


Weird Shift began in 2012. It was named "Weird Shit Con" then, and was a gathering of interesting people so that they could talk about anything that they wanted to, outside of the standards of conferences and professional obligations. The idea worked well. When people got together to share things, chosen only because they wanted to share interesting things, a wide range of amazing topics were introduced. What started as a gathering of "weird" topics quickly became anything but. People talked passionately about what they knew and what they wanted others to know, and the common introduction "this might sound weird, but..." taught all who attended that the world is in itself much weirder than we give it credit for being, and that is in fact, normal.

In 2013, the project was renamed Weird Shift Con. With a month long gallery show at gallery:Homeland in Portland, Oregon, capped by a weekend-long conference in the middle, the scope of work that could be shared was expanded. It didn't just need to be ideas. Weird Shift could be musical performance, video art, improvisational walking tours, rehabbed and hacked machinery, book collections, food, and interactive art installations.

For 2014, with a grant from the Precipice Fund, The Calligram Foundation, and the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Weird Shift opened the Weird Shift Storefront. For a period of six months, Weird Shift will operate a center for marginalia studies. Above all, there will be access to the archives, which will catalog Weird Shift work both old and new, so that time will no longer be a factor in sharing and experiencing what people find weird and interesting.

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