Weird Shift Radio #2


Filing Number: 129 - Weird Shift Radio #2
Author(s): Shift, Weird
Date Added: 2014-09-08
Created: 2014-09-04
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Tags: radio; Weird Shift Radio; recordings; audio; podcast


A 30-minute podcast episode exploring the Weird Shift Archives. From the podcast description:

Weird Shift Radio is an audio trip inside the Weird Shift Archives. Strange sounds, interviews, read material, guest lectures, music, and other things you did not expect to hear when you turned on your wireless set. If Weird Shift was electromagnetic energy, it would be in the W-band. Your mind is a directional antenna of just the right length. Ground yourself.

This episode's contents are listed as:

In this episode:
Infrasound Collection, Acoustic Levitation of Stones, Jewelry Rash live performance, Son of Sasquatch, and another excerpt from the Conet Project numbers stations recordings.

Archive Notes

Digital Archive contains sound files of the podcast, as well as the worker files.