Structurodetic Survey


Filing Number: 31 - Structurodetic Survey
Author(s): Rothstein, Rosalynn; Rothstein, Adam
Date Added: 2014-06-16
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URL: http://www.5ooo...rg/stucturodeti
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Tags: environment; architecture; cards; patterns; surveying


The Structurodetic Survey is a method for cataloging subjective responses to architecture and the environment. The Survey Kit consists of a Card Set, a Reference Card, and a Worksheet that is filled out by the participant. The gist is that there is a word association game played by the participant while at an environmental site, and the results are recorded, along with details about the location. These results are then entered into a database (available via the online site) to be shared and compared with others.

Archive Notes

The Weird Shift Archive has a set of the cards, as well as a reference card. The worksheets and other information can be downloaded from the website.