Son of Sasquatch


Filing Number: 110 - Son of Sasquatch
Author(s): Carl Diehl, Rosy Boyer, Jason Jones
Date Added: 2014-07-31
Created: 2007-10-20
Digital?: ✓
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Tags: sasquatch; cryptozoology; fortean; summer of love


Audio docudrama written, designed and produced in collaboration between artists Carl Diehl, Jason Jones and Rosy Boyer. Produced in support of a crypto-cabaret involving a full-fledged "squatchploitation" routine, confabulating alternative anecdotes for the infamous Bigfoot. The multimedia menagerie charts the rise of the Son of Sasquatch, a lovechild emerged during 1967′s Summer of Love, now become an over-exposed icon of the cryptozoo.

Archive Notes

sound track for a multimedia 'squatchploitation' routine performed originally on the weekend of October 20th, 2007 at the Rererato Art Space in Portland, Oregon and the Lumpwest gallery in Eugene Oregon as part of celebration of the 40th anniversary of the infamous Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film recording.