Phantom Terrains


Filing Number: 163 - Phantom Terrains
Author(s): Swain, Frank; Jones, Daniel
Date Added: 2014-12-01
Created: 2014
Digital?: ✓
URL: http://phantomterrains.com/
Lost & Found:
Tags: WiFi; Electromagnetism; art; visualization; sound


From the Website:

Phantom Terrains is an experimental platform which aims to answer this question by translating the characteristics of wireless networks into sound. By streaming this signal to a pair of hearing aids, the listener is able to hear the changing landscapes of data that surround them. Network identifiers, data rates and encryption modes are translated into sonic parameters, with familiar networks becoming recognizable by their auditory representations.

Archive Notes

Digital Archive contains a sound file of the project, as well as a PDF printout of the website.