Murmuration - A Festival of Drone Culture


Filing Number: 61 - Murmuration - A Festival of Drone Culture
Author(s): Murmuration
Date Added: 2014-06-30
Created: 2013
Digital?: ✓
Physical?: ✓
URL: http://murmurat...tival.tumblr.co
Lost & Found:
Tags: drones; art; internet; Tumblr; politics; technology


Murmuration: a Festival of Drone Culture, took place in 2013. The zine is the documentation of the festival, which was entirely online, on a Tumblr.

Archive Notes

Physical archive contains copies of the zine. Digital Archive contains worker files related to the publication of the zine, along with high-res PDFs. Also included are the audio and video files from the DVD that accompanied the original run of the zine.