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Tags: infrasound; hum; para-science; Fortean data; sound; radio waves; electromagnetism


"Infrasound", also known various as "hum", or "roar" is a sound that is heard by a number of inhabitants of various locations. The sound seems to generally be specific to a particular area, though it is hard to identify a source.

The Weird Shift Infrasound Collection is a file of articles about this phenomenon. Included in the Collection are the following documents:

- "The "Bristol Hum" - has it returned to plague the city?" The Bristol Post - December 20, 2013
- "The Earth’s hum: the excitation of Earth normal modes by ocean waves" by Spahr C. Webb, International Journal of Geophysics, 2008
- "Infrasound: Brief Review of Toxicological Literature", 2001
- Letter to Kerry McCarthy MP on subject of Bristol hum, 2008
- "A Mysterious Sound Is Driving People Insane — And Nobody Knows What's Causing It" , By Jared Keller, Policy Mic - June 19, 2014
- "Something in the Cellar", by Vic Tandy, Published in Journal of the Society for Psychical Research
- "Mysterious humming sound leaves residents baffled - council issues noise diaries" Surbiton.com - February 10, 2014
- The World Hum Map and Database (crowdsourced hum information downloaded from thehum.info as of 6/23/2014)
- "The Leyton Roar" by Will Wiles, October 26, 2010
- "Hum and Otoacoustic Emissions May Arise Out of the Same Mechanisms" by FRANZ G. FROSCH 1/30/2014
- also see abstract of paper on Vibroacoustic disease http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10189154

Archive Notes

Digital archive contains a variety of data and PDFs printed from online articles. See description for full list. Physical Archive contains a printout of the article, "Something in the Cellar", and "The Bristol Hum".