Book of Chaos


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Author(s): Comselha, Nepos Zir
Date Added: 2015-01-26
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This is the Book to follow the Principia Discordia. The Book of Chaos is to be a mystical guide to the original text. Originally, the Book of Chaos was discovered under Memorial Circle of Texas Tech University in Lowbuttocks, Texas, written in blood and bound in human flesh. This transcript is not the full version, for only one person has ever dared to read the original in its entire, Father Fallatio, ex-Lord of the Temple; he suffered from too much of Eris' gift of insanity and soon became an insurance salesman. This e-text version was written without the consent of any POEE priest, or The President of the United States. (C)opycat 1995 by No One in Particular. All rights reversed.

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