Weird Shift

an isolation tank that wasn't, a nameless vault that won't be in the distance. a certain Victor Turner's home life (i.e. noisiness) after me (which isn't)

Located in North Portland, Weird Shift is an alternative atelier, an off-center for paralogical inquiries, artifacts, and ideas. A place where the aggregation of cultural arcana, speculative theories and the pursuit of sideline knowledge areas is encouraged. The Weird Shift Storefront offers visitors a Research Commons, library, coffee and computer workstations where the accumulating archives of the Weird Shift enterprise can be perused and performed upon. Along with these permanent fixtures, there will be a variety of events, workshops, exhibitions and lectures taking place throughout the summer months.

The conference that was, the storefront that will soon be, the liminoid text before you which is.


The next sechedule microtalk session is at 7pm on June 18, 2017, at:
Compliance Division
625 NW Everett St #101
Portland 97209

With a whiff of Pecha-Kucha, and a penchant for sideline knowledge areas, Weird Shift hosts "MicroTalks" an evening of short-form presentations that might include inspiring rants, marginalia studies and image-laden screeds. Expect (and/or become part of) an eclectic array of offerings from local and telepresent artists, writers, concept engineers, cranks and independent researchers. All are welcome, bring images on flashdrive or laptop, or step up, open-mic style.

See you then!

See past events from Summer 2014 at the storefront here: Storefront Schedule

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Weird Shift Storefront 2014 was made possible by support from:

The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts

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